Camille Broussard Wise, Ed.D.

A career public administrator, college professor, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) trainer and advisor, Dr. Wise brings a wealth of knowledge in operationalizing equity within and throughout organizations and companies, starting with their leaders. During her tenure in public administration, she managed teams of up to 200 employees, oversaw funds up to $20M, and successfully managed community-based programs and capital projects.

Dr. Wise’s educational and professional accomplishments make her uniquely poised to coach and train seasoned and aspiring leaders alike.

Utilizing competencies honed while attaining her doctoral degree in Leadership & Management, Dr. Wise utilizes a “research-to-real life” approach to make complex leadership theory practical.

Her dissertation findings on the organizational and systemic barriers that hinder the recruitment, support, and professional ascension of diverse women leaders is the research basis of a comprehensive curriculum and coaching program to meet the unique needs of aspiring diverse women leaders.

Having experienced and transcended both situational and systemic barriers of her own as a Black woman professional, Dr. Wise knows firsthand the impact these barriers have on the psyche, confidence, and career ascension of diverse women leaders.

“I Have Been at Every Powerful Table You Can Think of… They Are Not That Smart”

Michelle Obama

Not any smarter than you, that is. And yet here you are, doubting yourself, your expertise, and your preparation for the next big step in your career or solo venture. Or maybe its your doubters who need convincing that they are missing out by sleeping on you.

Meanwhile, someone equally or even less qualified is going for it with no fear and no lack of confidence. I am speaking from experience as a former self-doubter, an accomplished manager and leader, and as a professional leadership instructor and coach.

I can teach you why you might feel that way (hint: women are taught to doubt themselves, diverse women even more so), how to overcome “imposter syndrome”, and the core leadership competencies you need to be an exemplary and confident leader.

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