Coaching PROGRAM

Program Description

For experienced leaders, entrepreneurs, and/or W.I.S.E. Foundry clients who want private leadership and/or DEI coaching.  1:1 guidance and support that is built around their schedule and their individual goals.

Diverse Leadership Program

Program Overview

In partnership with Kris Plachy Coaching, THE authority on entrepreneurial management and leadership for women-owned businesses, Dr. Wise’s coaching expertise is applicable to leadership in any field.  Whether you are the boss of your own business, or you are striving to be the leader of an organization, we have courses, tools, and resources to grow your career or business.  

Women entrepreneur and organizational leader coaching clients will learn and be supported on how to:

Attain and thrive in executive leadership positions

Align your vision with actions

Lead and manage change in your organization

Grow your career or business

Create and lead successful teams