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How to Lead and Succeed for Diverse Women

The How to Lead and Succeed for Diverse Women Program is a 6-week interactive online learning community experience that includes weekly virtual instruction, downloadable tools and materials, live virtual group coaching with Dr. Wise, and access to guest experts. As a Foundry Scholar, you will learn core competencies of leadership for diverse women to lead and succeed.

Research tells us that there are 5 main components to successful leadership, for diverse women, there are additional external forces at play that need to be considered (and changed!).  This program adds in a sixth component especially for diverse women to succeed in spite of systemic or organizational culture barriers.


As a Foundry Scholar,
you will learn...

Upon completion of the program, Foundry Scholars will be equipped with a personalized Leadership Development Plan to lead and succeed in any field by knowing how to:

Develop and Convey a Clear Vision

Communicate with Emotional Intelligence

Inspire and Motivate Others

Instigate and Drive Change

Advocate for Yourself



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